Missy Jubilee. 031. Requiem. PREVIEW


Alain Lampron:

Hello Missy,

I have just watched your Requiem preview and experienced a bit of sadness… I am anticipating your absence with an acute sense of loss. I love the kind of stimulation that your films bring me...  Every sentence, every image is meaningful and that is very hard to find nowadays.

I wish I could hear your voice now. Will you say something in a film?

I can relate so much to what you are expressing… The loneliness, the feeling of not belonging here, the constant questioning of everything that goes through the filter of our mind.

I wish I could take a long walk on a beach with you, naked and get over the amusing embarrassment of a hard on, then hold your hand in silence… And maybe, just maybe, not feel alone for a couple steps…

Be well, especially during this time of fake celebrations that brings people together, mostly out of guilt, under the excuse of a tradition!

AlainX (Not a friend, not even an acquaintance… Just some pixels on your screen!)