Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D


John Morris:

Dear Missy, I am deeply touched by your work. I feel spoken to intimately and respectfully. I admire your courage and hard work. Seeing your videos opens a space where I feel present, as a full human being, with my compassion, my sexual arousal, my shame, my vitality. Thank you very much. 

Your metaphor of walking past the hardware store, the bakery and the butcher works very well, though I only got it when watching the video a second time, which I am glad I did. 
Writing to you right now gives me an erection, which I find exciting and embarrassing. You wrote somewhere that you are ok with such reactions, a nice thing to read for someone like me.  
I discovered your work through naked yoga school on vimeo, I have resumed yoga with those videos and am noticing that I feel much better - stronger, more flexible and curious.
Best wishes to you and your partner, I admire your courage, a tender respectful lustful eye on you