Missy Jubilee. 025. Sexual Zeitgeist.


Calen Eleric commented on your clip Missy Jubilee. 025. Sexual Zeitgeist.:

One of my first thoughts while seeing/reading/breathing in Sexual Zeitgeist, was to say, "I'm very sorry for your losses." But, then I realized that I'm not in either sense, apology or sympathy. Because you have not lost,. You put the ball back in their court. Your courage, your internal strength, your spit-in-Death's-face- honesty, (no matter how long it took for you to actualize them), are what got you through all that. Now, merging all that, with your artistic vision, well, the chronicle your are creating is very, deeply moving, and incredibly inspirational. Like the light that you are shining in the dark, is a clear reminder and example that there are good paths out of the darkness. That light of yours seems to be enough to let me see my own compass. Anyway, I'm writing again. I do have complete sympathy for, and a deep identification with, the hellacious anguishes they induced in you. It sounds like your parents tried to pull the rug our from under your reality.