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Kaleb Tilley:


I just finished watching your most recent 'installment'.  My first
thoughts were; I wish I could remember things in my life as far back
as 4 years old.  On second reflection, though, who's to say  I
wouldn't find something similar to your memory waiting for me back

I'm not sure if it's latent ADD, or all the alcohol I consumed in the
early stages of my life, or maybe even not enough sleep and vitamins
.. Or all of the above .. But I have very few "real" memories of my
childhood.  Even large chunks of my young adulthood are cloudy.

I can somewhat relate to your search to determine whether some of your
early memories actually happened, or whether they were fabricated for
some reason.  I have more "memories" than I can count that appear as
snapshots, or very short clips, and I can't really anchor them to any
particular place/time.

I don't think I'll ever be able to answer those questions, but I hope
that you're able to come to some satisfactory conclusion with your

I've also noticed that, the more of your journey you share, the more
of yourself you share as well.  At the beginning of this journey, you
were fairly anonymous, but with each new video submission, I can see
more and more of the real you .. Both inside and out.  Slut or no ..
The person I'm discovering is turning out to be a very beautiful, and
complicated woman.  I can't wait to find out more.

Thank you for the continued journey,