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oliver js pratt:

Nice one Missy

i really enjoyed this

At first i thought really?, at the age of 4yrs u thought about touching his cock and felt gulity, u actualy thought about touching his cock

Then i remembered that at age 4 and 5 every time something mildly erotic or sexual happened esp on TV  i got a wopping great big hard on,, (most often it was star trek that had this effect, it was the tight clothes and short skirts, and kirk always snogging the sexy lady)

the only difference is i never felt guilty and would usually show it to everyone including our baby sitters (imagine)

I really like it

i love the sound tracks, i like the subtle sonar beep that runs through it, giving me that underwater feel

nice use of water, reflections, im sure (but will have to watch again) u have used some split screen so it looks like u are in the water and also stood above besides the pool, or is it just another model who looks like you?

i love the retro look back at the British news

and the slightly surreal last minute towards the end when u think its all over

as usual brilliant camera work and editing

Nice one

Oli x