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Alan Rogers:

I make films to chew life twice - Genius

It's a bit tough though right? - Über Genius

As previously reported (I am sure you get shitloads of positive feedback so you are excused if no bell is rung); I get the naked confessions accompanied by naked images. Memory is unreliable though, memories of childhood doubly so; as our young synapses have not found their way in life, and memory is a road well trod.  I am sure you are aware of the tendency to project emotions onto snapshot memories sometimes triggered by photographs, by sound or smell. 

I guess that means I agree with your second synopsis (or agree with an interpretation of it). You have sexualised the memory over time. 

We are complex. 

Our forefathers taught us to suppress our sexual feelings throughout our lives. In some (these days) it becomes habit forming, their needs and desires are put in a box on top of a dusty wardrobe. 

I think your project is healthier. And a much better alternative. But few are as brave as you. 

Still, each generation is challenging the order of the previous. And that I applaud.

Well done again,