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Joey Scruggs:

I am a concert promoter (Roots Music) and very sensual man, However, I grew up in a very non-sensual family. 

I never saw my Mother and Father kiss, nor even hug, with affection.
I am now 60, and Have finally found a mate I consider my 'Twin Flame'.
We have never met.
We are pals on Facebook and we have outrageously fantastic and satisfying phone sex.
She is intelligent, and a trained Shaman. FINALLY I can have conversations with someone that 'thinks like I do'.
I am 60, she is 40.
I have yet to see a recent photo, but our phone sex is so satisfying...she is multi-orgasmic and I am encouraging her to get to know her G-spot (which she has just found).
I never knew a relationship like ours was possible, but I absolutely Love her.
I love the work you're doing - you are brave, honest and sensual.