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Frank Medina:

You are simply wonderful. The way you relate where you come from, your deliciously dirty mind, how you excite others, etc., is simply phenomenal. I have truly enjoyed each of your videos so far. I love your nakedness, your gorgeous pussy, even that cute freckle on your right boob (and the rest of you of course). But it is how you build the story, interest and expectation...that excite me even before you disrobe and show your naked flesh.

We human beings are wired for sexual attraction. We don't (of course) fornicate with everybody. But opportunities to engage, excite and arouse abound. I'll relate a couple:

I love the ocean, the waves (surfing, body surfing, etc.), the feeling of sun and water on your body...you know the drill. Gorgeous unforgettable summer day in August 2012 when I visited the nudist beach in NY by myself. Sun, pleasant water, fun waves...got into the water to body surf. After b-surfing my second or third wave, I ran into a couple at the edge of the water. I said hi and we started talking. She was in her mid-forties, blonde, beautiful and fully naked. She wanted to get into the water but was a bit afraid of the waves. Husband didn't (want to get into the water). I volunteered to chaperon her. So...holding her hand, floating, relaxing together, helping her handle bigger waves crashing on us occasionally (had to pull her towards me a couple times...our bodies had to rub together then), and simply just talking in the mean time. Talking about our respective spouses, her children now in their twenties that don't know mommy goes naked to the beach. Casual, banal chatting...but at the same time a wonderful, almost innocent sensual and hedonist experience. A truly happy hour and sexually arousing experience (even without a sex act!)

Working in Manhattan, a few years ago my office was in the same building where one of the leading modeling agencies is. I saw her the first time. She was picking up the courier mail. She had one of the best shaped asses I had ever seen in my life, beautifully displayed via her minimalistic, red, dental-floss like thong under her low-cut jeans. As I was rushing to catch the elevator (and developing an erection too!), she turned around and our eyes crossed. She gave me a hint of a smile and I realized I was facing one of the first generation of supermodels, in her fifties (!) and still gorgeous (she even posed nude for a magazine somewhat recently). This continued in similar ways with other happy coincidence-arrival times. Nothing further occurred. But those recurring morning moments are memorable and a true example of how supermodels and sluts alike exude sensuality that arouses men like me.

We human beings get out. We see, we talk, we touch, we feel. Sometimes we consummate. When we don't, we still find sexual happiness. Missy -- keep up the good work and hope to see more of you soon. Keep making me happy. And let me know if I can do anything for you!