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Rodney Maxim:

I saw your new H.2.OH.  The film was meaningful and moving, and you were lovely and sexy, as always.

I wanted to share with you how important your films have been to me.  There have been three signal events in the past few months that have finally made me feel like there's a place in this world that I might fit in, have helped me understand that it's really okay to be myself and express myself after more than 50 years on the planet:  "Look me in the eye," by John Elder Robison (I'm an Aspergerian, only recently discovered); "The God Argument," by AC Grayling (who I was privileged to have lunch with and attend his presentation a few months ago); and your videos...really your story underneath your videos.

So, I'm a hyper-sexual, hedonistic, bisexual, atheist, secular, humanist aging male in an uptight, relatively homophobic, Christian, theistic, and hypocritically moralistic world.  

From your CTRL ALT DEL ME video (which made me cry...it was so powerful, and I don't cry much...Aspergers, after all) I get the sense that your moral compass "problem" (which should not be a problem for you at all) has a religious basis.  The second half of Grayling's book, where he describes what it is like to live a good life based on humanist ethics, was a tremendously liberating experience for me.  And I think he is describing in general terms the same specific journey you are on, providing the philosophical and ethical foundation for a good life lived well, responsible to others as free and ethical people, and not out of fear of an invisible man.

I appreciated the first half, where he analytically demolishes impossibility of the moral authority of religion, and lays bare the hypocrisy.  But that's stuff I already knew.

It's the good life, lived well.  That is what important.  I wish that for you Missy.  I wish you a life where you can feel what you feel, and express it, without shame.  Shame is only an invention of our mind.  It's an invention that makes us think that others think badly of us for who we are and what we have done.  I've been living my whole adult life with shame and based in part on your bravery and your expression, I'm finally coming to the point where I can stare it down and make it fade away.  

Keep doing what you are doing.  You are beautiful and sexy and brilliant, and most of all, you are good and you are free.