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Hello Missy,

saw H.2.Oh and Ctrl/Alt/Del/Me this morning. And while the morning is my sensual time I just let myself flow with you underwater. I must admit your films are very special. Very unique. very beautiful. and I must admit the images do make me horny as fuck (excuse my language...) I was surprised to see your face completely for the first time. Wow, what a stunning beauty you are. 
But it are the stories that make me want to connect deeper. It feels with every new film you give a closer look into your apparently wounded soul. so while I was super aroused in the beginning I caught myself reading the words over and over again. and then I watched ctrl/alt and tried to visualize your life. What has happened? you feel so physically injured. my daughter turned 14 and I´m actually at that stage where I fear that I could lose her. 
So in the end I was lying in bed with a hard-on thinking about your past and my future. actually quite funny, right?
I hope you don´t mind that I tell you about my feelings after watching your feelings (-:
I´m very curious about the upcoming films and I wonder if you already know the story of part 250??? (-:
let me know if you ever come to berlin. It would be a pleasure to meet you in person.
take good care of yourself.