Ctrl Alt Del Me

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Randall Ashelman:


My heart goes out to you as you wrestle with your parents.  One thought came to me.

They say they love you and I'm sure they do. Ask them if they really love you, to unconditionally love you.  This does not mean that they agree with your choices, but they accept you, but maybe not your choices.  That puts things on a more universal level, one where you both can find acceptance. This allows you both to love each other on that level.

What appears to me to be happening is that your creativity is having you express your sexuality in a new and different way then your parents.  In fact you are "leading the world" in self expression of sexuality.  That is what is hard for your parents to accept.

That you are leading the world with sexual acceptance that is way out in front of what others are doing.  That is what makes you unique and so special. AND you are communicating that new sexuality is a clear way that is easily understood.

Keep going girl...  You are way out in front, leading the pack and the world.  Your honesty and clarity of communication put you way out in front....  So keep it going girl.

It is your new wave of consciousness that is leading the world to a better more honest world.

Hugs, Randall