Ctrl Alt Del Me

Missy Jubilee. Ctrl Alt Del Me. 001.jpg


Hi Missy, I am well impressed by Ctrl/Alt/Del/Me even the Title is Brilliant!

Probably one of your best works to date!

It is no surprise that tragedy often creates brilliance! For out of the darkness a light is born! I don't know you Missy, but I felt quite sad after watching that video. I didn't feel sorry for you, it just saddened me that you feel the way you do when you have so much to be thankful for. We all have so much to be thankful for. I just got back from Holiday which was amazing and will always be cherished, however on the way back we stayed at a friends to break up the travel time and while I was out walking the dog my sister called to tell me my Grandmother had died on Friday/Saturday not too sure the geographic distance sometimes confuses. Funny how life throws us curve balls like this once in a while just when you feel on top of the world, but that's life and it's death too I guess and still we should try to be thankful. 

I can't tell you how to live your life Missy, all I can say is I really hope you work things out with your folks, I haven't seen mine for nearly 5 years now and it's almost unbearable. Now that my Grandmother has passed away my sister and I are going to put our finances together to pay for my ticket so I can join her and her husband as we all head to S.A. in January 2014 to be with my Dad to give him support. We really are on opposite sides of the spectrum, I sometimes wish I could just bundle you up and show you my world just to give a fresh angle on things.I also wish I could astral project to your part of the world to see your life as it is? But wishful thinking gets us nowhere. Everyone learns something everyday even if we don't realise it. It's the mindfulness and awareness of our actions that shows us our true identity and free will is the power and the choice that all of us possess to either accept or ignore that truth, that identity Ctrl/Alt/Del/Me and /Them or US... hope my little note to you is thought provoking. your art certainly provokes me and I Thank You Missy for your Wonderful Honesty! 

Michael x