Ctrl Alt Del Me

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Alan Rogers:


Firstly let me congratulate you on another well crafted video. The title is amazing in itself; I love wordplay. The context and narrative are unbearably sad though. Without getting introspective, I was bought up learning to avoid taking sides in family conflicts. I should also add that we have two lovely children; my son is 19 and my daughter is 22. The emotional chord of the story struck very deep as at times my daughter lives like she does not belong in our family, her actions confuse us, and have done since she hit puberty and started contradicting us.

The narrative then feels like an open sore, or more accurately scar tissue I guess, as to me you come across as accepting. At times I felt it at odds with the video, but I understand the link, I think. It made me consider what I would think if my daughter started the same project, and I guess that is the point.

Thanks again for sharing. It is high art that hits you in the face like a shovel. If people do not get it, they are poorer for the loss.

Bless you, I hope the journey into your demons makes you stronger.