Ctrl Alt Del Me

Missy Jubilee. Ctrl Alt Del Me. 001.jpg

Surya Coapy commented on your clip Missy Jubilee. Ctrl Alt Del Me:

Stunning. On many levels, in many ways.

Again, such courage I see in your work. On a technical level it’s wonderful. Editing, colour work, music selection ... all amazingly intuitive and coherent.

On the personal level ... I struggle for words. Nakedness is so beautiful, but of course not just the physical, visual nakedness but the emotional. Please see me ... as I really am ... unadorned by any defence.

I think I know this path you are on. It’s a journey back from banishment to belonging. And as you say in the video, shame is the foundational corrupting experience. No human being was born with shame, it’s a man made feeling. We have to be taught it.

Keep going. Keep exploring.

“The drama is this. We came as infants ‘trailing clouds of glory’, arriving from the farthest reaches of the universe, bringing with us appetites, .... spontaneities, .... angers. In short with our 360 degree radiance, and we offered this gift to our parents. They didn’t want it. They wanted a nice girl or a nice boy. That’s the first act of the drama.”

— Robert Bly. A Little Book on the Human Shadow.