Missy Jubilee_Showerlust_001.jpg

Alan Rogers:

Starting to get really excited about new releases these days; like a kid a Christmas. Your work strikes a big chord and stops me in my tracks (like all good art should); although each one is  bittersweet, this seemed even more of a dark turn. The bitterness burns through. 

It is tough for me to fully understand although I am trying (cue Joe Jackson's 'different for girls'). The exhibitionism is exciting, but using the shame as masturbation material takes things to a new level. It makes me think of times when I remember something bad I have done and the memory burns so bright I have been known to involuntarily vocalise; causing those around me to show concern. We do things we regret. We don't do things we wish we had, but imagination is the killer. Two things immediately come to mind; Woody Allen in 'The Sleeper' - "I love the brain; its my second favourite organ"; and Paul Simon's Kodachorme "If you took all the girls I knew when I was single, and bought them all together for one night, I know they'd never match my sweet imagination; and everything looks worse in black and white".

Thank you for your brutal honesty, those beautiful images of your stunning beauty, and your art in editing your husbands work (lucky man; glad you are crediting him now though).

Best wishes, looking forward as always.