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I'm a married guy and saw your videos. I've never been unfaithful my wife but your videos turned me on in such a way that I couldn't imagine it was possible. Unfortunately I live half a world away from you but I got a strong urge to taste you. To smell you. To do things to you. I'm half a planet away from you but I would swim thall the way there to taste your clitoris.

I spent the whole afternoon of a working day seeing your videos over and over. I got an erection that lasted more than two hours. I'm lucky to have a good control on my ejaculation or else I would have made a mess on my desktop (yes, im at work. I work alone)
I saw you mentioned you are bipolar. Well, I am too. I've been in a clinic for two times. Now I'm stable and I'm very responsable regarding my medication but I know what you mean when you mentioned that.

Well, that's all I wanted to say.