Naked Soul

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I wish you could understand the Spanish word HEMBRA... it does not exist in the English language. Female is the closest and does not exactly indicate the meaning of HEMBRA. You could probably understand it a little better if you saw a lioness in pre heat, heat, and mating stages. that would give you a better purpose on who you are. I have seen only a few HEMBRAS in my fucking life as an starving artist. (excuse me for my French). The lioness is the only animal i have been able to observe in the wild - who (because she has her own character and personality) - combines instinct, heat, passion, sex, foreplay, and other behavior usually displayed by a woman while making love, having sex, fucking, and loving altogether. I have the feeling you may share some of those qualities. If it is so, great for you. You need a big alpha lion to kil another lion. However, three adult lions are required to kill a lioness... Because she is 100 intense along the way and passionate for her life. that is why i call you A REAL HEMBRA. From that perspective, you are unique, and that is why I respect you. Been there , done that, hon. Hats off to you. Be ready to scare the shit out of many fake hunters - erroneously called -macho men. By the way, lioness is always in control! Best, AL