Naked Soul Preview

MissyJubilee_Naked Soul_Preview_002.jpg

Alfonso A. Tobar:

Hey Missy, I accept individuals and I respect persons... The main difference is that a person has his/ her own character, personality, and opinion, and certainly you do.  Besides you are a female, and our fucking society is extremely restrictive upon women in many aspects. We - males - are idiots because we seldom understand where we come from. You have made a decision about a path you want to be strong in, which also happens to be a taboo. Not an easy task that you are on, but you can count me in as a supportive member of your fans and community. It is an honor and I mean it. You are not decoration, you are not only a woman but also a full fletched "hembra". That I like.

Hats off to you. Awesome!