Missy Jubilee_MISSYLAND_002.jpg


Missy, I suppose I am trying to understand you. I respect what you are doing I really do. I guess we are all weirdos. I live in a dualistic world, fighting my past, fighting my demons, looking for beauty but most of all looking for truth. 

I guess in your work I find a brutal honesty that I wish I had, the courage to express myself and to be judged. 

Apart from being very erotic, which is wonderful, it's your brutal honesty and courage that I am addicted to. Obsessed? Not quite - yet. 

I realize that we will never meet, but I want you to know that every 30 year old slim blonde I see in Sydney, I check out a little bit closer just in case I thought it was you. 

And you know what? I have not got the first idea what I would say to you! :)

Thank you, whoever you are.