1st Orgasm

MissyJubilee_1st Orgasm_002.jpg

Mr M:

So I stumbled upon your site via vimeo.

Wow. This is just brilliant.

Also, two hundred and fifty is about the most ambitious goal I can imagine. But somehow I do believe you will reach it. Can't quite see yet how but obviously that's part of your game right.

I've been especially fascinated by your '16' video. You know, I probably could have been this man without a face (minus the masturbation probably though). On the other hand, I can totally envisage myself being you in that story, sort of. That could mean there's an equal chance of you having an elevated testosterone level and of me being too high on estrogen. If it's about hormones at all which I don't think it really is.

Of course, I don't have the slightest idea what you have in store but so far I have yet to discover your distinctive "man's brain and attitude to sex". What I see is an intensely feminine woman, very intelligent and creative, and brave. And you've got something to say as an artist indeed. Add to that that you're also beautiful and it can't get much better can it.

So I'm very much looking forward to following your project.