Neil R:

It was a story, a tale that was paced in time with your description and my imagination.  It is a reflection of my attitude to today's society that I was fearful for you as the story progressed with you alone with a group of boys. 
However it stayed true to the principles of erotica that the imagery that went with the narrative was a reflection of the beauty of your body and the way that you showed / applied the sunscreen.  The focussing and depth of field of the camera was cinematic and kept drawing you to your body, with the beautiful beach and dunes framing the scenes - amazing! 
I am waffling, but I I am trying to articulate my appreciation of a short movie that told and viewed a story the likes I have not seen before.
I have two thoughts as I am writing this - one is you live in a beautiful part of the world - everyone dreams of beaches that you have filmed.  The second is you have captured every males's fantasy, that when I am next on a beach, I get to be a character in a story similar to the one you have just told.