Missy Jubilee. 030. Unmask'D Preview

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Name: Daniel

Dear Missy, I checked out a couple of your art pieces, and I wanted to say thanks for creating aesthetic work that stems a source of truth. It requires vulnerability and honest to take this path, and my friend, you've gone beyond the 'call of duty'. I invite you to check out my blog that started as a way to experiment with various forms of creative writings, helping me develop more discipline. What happened was that I learned more about myself, voices demanded to be heard, and I came face to face with shame, regret, anger, and realized that perhaps there have been things that have kept me from imprisoned that I wasn't aware of. I came face to face with my own depression and recently have discovered that perhaps there is a mental illness there that I never knew....so a visit to get checked out is coming up, which would make more sense about habits and choices I've made over the years. The journey has helped with my own creativity, and I'm still challenging myself. The first time I posted something that perhaps may have seemed vulgar in writing, something my friends wouldn't have expected, I realized that this is part of the creation process. Anyway, watching your work reminded me that artists like us are on this path for a reason, and that it'll certainly be a challenge with pain, but that there will be beauty as well as we find ourselves and realize that life is about being who we are, being mindful and aware of this moment, whatever may be there. You are very, very creative and I wish you well and look forward to watching more of your work. Peace! Daniel