Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D PREVIEW

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Simon Cooper:

Subject: You are hilarious

I have loved every video I just saw on Vimeo (I think it is 6 now)- I do not think I have laughed as much, and also been turned on, at one time ever before- oh, wait, there was one time... but this message is about you and your work.

I am still smiling, whilst writing this, and I just needed to thank you, and anyone else you have involved in this wonderful adventure. It must take a huge effort to do every video.

The timing is so sweetly perfect- amazingly I am in this mixed world of equally wanting more of your beautiful erotica, and to be excited by the next words that appear- I can not tell you which I prefer more. 

I kept laughing and laughing- the word imagery is perfectly- if you did stand up comedy and a live show I would see you purely for your words- but you are also beautiful and so, so sexy.

Truly legendary- thank you, I am glad you found yourself,