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Matt G:

As much as I tried to objectify your body: for it is goddess like, I was catapulted into a dialogue with a subject, who at once disarmed me as much with her self-knowledge as with her honesty and integrity, to the point where your physical beauty diminished and your humanity shone. In fact the more familiar you became as the sequence progressed, the less erotic it seemed, but bizarrely and contradictorily the more profoundly I found you attractive to me. I enjoyed you version of insanity and the sound track was awesome especially the last track.

I watched it again it and I find that any sexual or erotic content has been lost, by assimilating how your nan was clinically purged of her emotions by an act of religiously motivated state sponsored ideological terrorism and the echo's of how this has defined and imprisoned you through your mothers voice and your childhood experience, framed in a context of contemporary music, which simultaneously anesthetises me and enhances the emotional reaction that I feel the subject matter of your nan incites. I felt disorientated and confused about the message you are trying to send out into the cyber quantum, or is this just catharsis for you, because in this era people are more able than ever to be what they can be due to an overabundance of knowledge, and your narrative suggests to me coping and not solution. Please forgive both my ignorance if I'm ignorant and my judgement if it is ill equipped to make a measure or your insanity from my hitherto insanely driven perspective.