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Your work reeks of Love

There is a place where some come to sit at one time or another, a spot on the imagination which is always desolate and solitary. There is a pool for refreshment where each day we stoop to take a sip, usually with eyes that see but don't realize nor recognize the reflections' weight or origin. Your work has shown me how to begin to accept myself and I think I just sensed the rumbling of a seed pod push its way through skyward over where the water meets the earth. I do hope you continue whether you be a clever Charlatan or sincere Humanitarian is not important. You poured water on a seed I had been holding like it was the last much like the Lorax, I feel nothing can stop what has begun and pray I can contribute in my way through being who I am. Respect and thanks. 
Often times someone says something through song better than my jiggling mind can nail together. I may be talking to thin air but I am laying my money on you are some..thing...human being realer than sanity. Thank you for the salt on my cheeks...what a relief, to find The Time again