Missy Jubilee. 029. Mask'D

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Alan Rogers


Mask'd contains some of your best work yet. There needn't have been any nudity at all in this one; in some ways (though I get the point), it detracts from the narrative.

I wont ask why you have read the CIA interrogation manual, or ask how you have regained such cognitive composure. I know that from great suffering comes the greatest art. Your story is taking the shape of a tunnel and I cannot help but tumble headfirst into the abyss.

In Britain the mental deficiency act of 1913 allowed for permanent detention if you fell into one of the following categories; idiot, imbecile, feeble minded or morally deficient (yes, those were the very words used in the act). This act was lifted by the mental health act in 1959. Until then thousands of people were taken away from their families and locked up like animals and experimented on. We know now that Post Natal Depression, Stress, Autism, ADHD, Dispraxia, and even Dyslexia; yes and I guess Sexual Cravings were deemed outside of societies expectations and were worthy of this treatment. Parents whose children were physically disabled or had learning difficulties often hid them away from public eyes in case they were taken away to an institution, which led to children growing up in attics and lofts  All very olde worlde? No. The act was repealed four years before I was born in 1963. The year of JFK.

Cognitive problems are still a taboo. And yes; so is overt sexuality. Combine the two and you will be given a choice of the blue pill or the red pill. Follow the white rabbit. 

Loving what you do, the synapses fire like sparkplugs from opening beat till final cut.

A Gigabyte of Best Wishes,