Missy Jubilee. 028. Membrane.

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Bernie Glynn

Just finished watching it in low def on my iPhone. Holy Shit! 

The sound track is superb. Best choices ever. I love the last song (the Tristan song) that I'm going to but it. The integration of the music especially with the visuals early in the piece was first class. A lot of editing and queuing there no doubt. The story is so engrossing that I'll have to watch it again to see if you were ever naked  one piece of music at 7.00 was like the start to 'what the fox say' and I like that song so was bummed out when it was not the song. I loved the humour of interpretive dance. Always a favorite of mine. 

Some things is like to see different, and these are only suggestions. In the text, different colors or styles for when the questions are being asked, and when they are being answered. Maybe a third for thoughts and opinions. This will make it easier to follow the dialogue. 

The flow is interesting. Great intro, amazing madness editing and like able resolution ( if that's what you can call it) 

Did I mention how great the sound track is?  

Your best yet. Congratulations. X