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Herman Zink:

Hi Missy,

lucky circumstance made me stumble across one of your videos on vimeo. And it made me curious to find out more about this unconventional person and her thinking and doing, a deviant as you say. A few words about me: 49, German, 2nd time married to a younger wife, 3 kids, on with the latter, mechanical engineer in international sales and project business and therefore rather rational minded.

Still need more time to dive and dig deeper into your work and thinking. But what quickly came into my mind, was your criticism about modern porn. As you, I enjoy being naked, though I do miss opportunities or maybe just the time for it. And for sure, I enjoy the look and excitement of other naked bodies.

But today's porno don't attract me at all, with their style, stupid stories, bad music, exchangeable actors, standardized bodies as well as the genitals. What annoys me in particular is the mania people today have with hair, especially pubic hair. I don't want to tell people how to keep it and respect their preference. But for me, the vagina with visible pubic hair is an important indication for an adult and sexually active woman, landmark of a grown up woman. So far, I encouraged all my partners to at least keep it visible, for an "eye animal", like me. And to my satisfaction there was no objection against my counter-mainstream proposal. But don't get me wrong. I don't run away yelling, if my eye catches, what I call slugs or nudibranches. But this natural feature on a female vulva really injects an extra load of testosterone into my body.

So......I was wondering why you, as a deviant in many senses, tend towards the slug style. Though a few pictures release the potential thats left under your skin.

Compliments for your great work so far and I hope to find the time to follow your activities a bit closer.

Regards from the Old World