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Alan Rogers:

Hi Missy,

Just finished watching Subculture and the Membrane Preview. A video canvas I am sure Lou Reed would have approved of. The 'perfect day' setting is sublime. The jerky 'insane' video looping is perhaps a little unsubtle, but noted in the context of both video's.

Reed's death was unexpected. I was not aware how he was spending his time lately; it is almost like trying to keep tabs with a distant relative, it is not always easy or desirable. However I was sad to hear he was suffering, and I guess the end came as a relief.

I agree that he was iconic and influential. One of my favourite albums as I grew up was Hunky Dory by Bowie (made before I was a teenager; I had musical tastes outside my peer group), but that album would never have been made without Reed's work before.

I was unaware of his troubled past until you educated me. The electrotherapy applied to knock his bisexuality out of him is sickening. Today we hear of genital mutilation of young girls in Africa, and persecution of gay men in Russia, and you wonder what kind of fucked up world we live in. Thank goodness for people like Reed and yourself who take life's struggles, swallow them whole and regurgitate in the form of art. It allows us to consider what we have and what we have lost.

Bless you.