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Anjum Zafri:

oh, this really comes as a surprise for me, and it's very kind of you..
i was actually asking about your opinion on the video and i just looked looked up the meaning of the phrase 'what's your take' on the net now 
loved the membrane teaser, you're getting better day by day...but you were awesome right from the start..11th november is going to be a long wait!
and..if you don't mind my being blunt..i noticed that you have a mole below your right breast, it's kind of sweet, silently accentuates the beauty of your perfect boobs 
i've been thinking of sharing this with you..i was really high this day and a train of thought occurred to me - 
the phenomenon of childbirth is a unique affair, simple yet still baffling
man enters the world through the vagina, the source of all 'sin' as scriptures would suggest
which would mean man is fundamentally composed of the sins of his brethen
this is just preposterous and hypocritical
also what if a man commits incest with his mother or daughter? i visualized it as completing of a loop, a coming of full circle, whatever that implies
in fact this has already been suggested before
in salman rushdie's book 'the enchantress of florence' one key character commits incest with his daughter and raises her up to belief that she is actually his wife, erasing all memory of her mother, a magnanimous plot right?
also in the Quran, it is mentioned adam and eve married of their sons and daughters to each other which continued for 3 -4 generations

enjoy adultery yourself and ban it for others