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John Grain:

I think you have a very interesting project and I look forward to delving deeper. I like your sense of humor very much and in combination with your very erotic videos, you have a very powerful combination.

By my standards you are a normal woman who gets pleasure from all aspects of sexual play, but I guess by societies standards, you are acting outside the box.
For me the difference between erotic and porn is a tricky and complex subject, but I think you have done a very good job of keeping just inside the line of what most people would regard as erotic.You could be far more explicit for my own viewing and I would still regard it as art or erotic. 
Your addition of the dialogue is very original and clever and gives an extra dimension to the aroused feelings.
I particularly relate to your story about rubbing suntan lotion on to the various parts of your body and being watched doing it. As you can imagine , a man doing that causes a very obvious reaction and I certainly get a thrill at the idea of being watched. I must admit I haven't seen many ladies do it for effect on our nude beaches.
I will continue working my way through your collection and doubtless get sticky fingers by the end.

John x