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Bernie Glynn:

Oh god.... It's like watching breaking bad! :) xx

The start is powerful, probably your best yet in my estimation. I can see a lot of work has gone into both the audio and video editing. First rate stuff. The countdown is really effective too. SO well done on that. Some great sound bites too :)

There is some beautiful lighting in the early minute or two, so well done to Max.

The use of powerful imagery is effective.

Some of the closeups leave the viewer wondering what part of your body the shot is made from, so that is interesting.

We follow the chain and it leads to some very powerful imagery. Which leads the viewer to be quite certain as to what is going on.

The chain and pussy closeup is effective and powerful as a narrative device. The linkage to chains and pleasure is established. The tightening of the chain over your labia on 'everyday' is really effective too.

The 'Dance Break' is quite disturbing. It is a masterpiece for you, well done. You slip in the bit about out brother and then change the beat and style of the film in an attempt to hide what you just said. Its a breaking bad 'Oh fuck' moment.

'welcome to my mind, its a hell of a mess' Nice! Leads me to want more and more knowledge.

Have you updated the Appaloosa Duck picture. I noticed it had changed. I like it.

You look like you were crying at the end - powerful stuff there too.

I liked the end, the 'punchline' end.

Yep - its your best to date. I'm convinced.

No criticisms.  I cant wait to see the 25th episode. Wow 1/10th and it feels like it has bee such an amazing ride so far.