Sexual Zeitgeist

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Alan Rogers:


You always take the time to reply, which is lovely. But please do not think you have to, I will continue to praise your video's as long as you keep posting them and I think they are praiseworthy. I mean every word I write, it is not in my nature to be dishonest when it comes to praise. Believe me.

I am sensing on the whole, that you are getting lots and lots of mail these days. Answering them must be a slog. Don't make it unenjoyable. I will not take a lack of response negatively, or personally, nor will it stop me commenting in the future. Unless you indicate to me to stop.

If you get less mail, generally, after a video than you expect, then you should not see that as negative either. You have an internet fanbase that seems to be growing. Good on you girl. Don't let it take over your life though, what attracted me to your video's in the first place was the eroticism in the story, particularly in Cream'd, but since you have been making more personal statements and I have grown to like you as a strong woman who is unafraid to bare your soul and body to the internet. There is more empathy in the world than the media will accept. We are all rooting for you.

I have seen Zeitgeist and feel it is a poignant piece. Keep the faith, you are a strong individual, which in turn is testament whether you appreciate it or not, to your upbringing. Some things happen by design but most often we are all learning together and we tumble like snowdrops in a blizzard. Eventually we find our place.

Best Wishes,