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Subject: My parents are gone

Message: Hello again Missy,

I have just watched your latest release; Zeitgeist... Another masterpiece!

However this one finds me in a mood of sadness in the end... Because I can relate. 

My parents are gone now, but I had to burry them many times, in hope to stop suffering from our toxic relationship.

My dad past away in 2006, but he never lived prior to that so his absence made no significant difference from his lack of presence.

My mom on the other end was omnipresent and I remember that I was seriously thinking that I would go crazy after she dies because she would be able to watch me at all times and judge me. That's how much power I was giving her...

Well, she died last summer and I honestly don't feel any crazier. If anything, I have never been so alive! The hardest thing was accepting the idea that there would be no reconciliation. Not that I was feeling guilty about it, just pure hopelessness!

My parents are gone now, leaving behind an obscure legacy of wounded children that are having a hard time becoming adults, especially at being parents too. I have an 8 year old daughter and I only see her 2 weekends/month. This is not giving me much time to define who I am as a dad... 

But that is another subject all together. I meant to write a special note just for you... In essence, what I wish to tell you right now is that you are also free to cut the umbilical cord because it is not a chain.... Merely another symbol we often get entangled with.

Some people become parents, others are just genitors...

Take care Missy. Now I know why I felt like touching your heart... Common wounds, vibrating in unison.

P.S: thank you for showing more of your body. You are also a very beautiful woman!