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Alan Rogers:

Hi Missy,

Well, I have waited and considered, but I doubt I am even close to being insightful. I can only tell what I see. I love your video's. Some are bittersweet, some are more playful. The triptych and a few of its predecessors have been quite dark and more of a 'tale of the unexpected'. I like the lightening of the conversation with yourself to try and pull yourself away from the darkness.

If I was being picky, I would say the largest video should have gone in the middle, but that is just me being an art snob.

The guilt/shame thing is interesting, not only because they represent entirely different feelings but because you have presented via different scenario's. Society never accepted the good vibrations on the Reichter scale; Submission to a partner works only when the partner is trustworthy and is strong enough to dominate; and fantasy is, well fantasy. We all have them, some start younger than others but show me a person who has never fantasised and I wont believe either of you. I do not remember fantasising at such a young age though. I barely remember where I was living at 8 years old, let alone what I was thinking. I do believe that sex education should start that young (or even younger). Although I do worry about the current generation that are being exposed to some pretty inappropriate stuff via the hardcore sites at similar ages. I sat with my son and daughter, on separate occasions, when they was about 15 and told them that they should not expect all people to behave in the same way as they saw in the video's (I have never tried to police my sons or my daughters viewing when in the safety of their own rooms). It is the 'expectation' that is wrong, not the knowledge. If that makes sense.

There is a shadow of guilt over the bad feelings felt towards your sibling when you were small. It sounds terrible, but it is so common. My wife has a sister with learning difficulties who when she was 10 (and her sister was 13); blindfolded her and turned her around and around on the landing stopping her facing the stairwell. Not a story to fill you with pride, nor one my wife likes to tell, but a story that everyone I know kinda gets. You are young and things are different then, I think. Sorry if that makes light of a horrible memory for you, but shared experience is sometimes cathartic.

The video that interested me more was Swoon (which as I say, I would have liked to have been the largest). Domination is harder than people realise (no pun intended). As a society we are all made to feel a bit submissive. In England, as I am sure it is in Australia, we are taught to treat girls with respect. When we get a little older we realise that this advice suits only some girls, but by then our shame is pretty deep rooted and it becomes harder to be dominant without being completely disrespectful. I kinda love the idea of a long relationship that is strong enough for this kind of domination/submission to work. The media (society - are we back to Reichter?) tells us it is impossible; that eventually the relationship will break down into abuse, but I am romantic enough to hope that is not true. I occasionally tie up my wife and we both enjoy it, but I would not go so far as to say we enjoy a BDSM relationship. It is all about keeping it balanced I think.

Keep up the good work Missy. The sounds are chocolate for the soul. The visuals are...well...gorgeously wrapped nuggets of light. The text challenges me and tests my sense of self, and (ego) what more is there?