Sexual Zeitgeist Preview

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Oscar Knight:

You are on a voyage of discovery, and journey to find the benign being you are. like most of society we are all victims of it, be it directly inflicted by our parents, our friends and the wider adult community.

Lots of hurts are inflicted on people through sheer ignorance, people say the wrong things, react in hurt ways and in the end reinforce their own negativity - in a way its a self fulfilling prophesy based upon their FEAR! 

F - False
E - Expectation
A - Appearing
R- Real
~ They simply don't know THEMSELVES.

I see in you a vastly creative person that has found a tool to release your own frozen needs - we are blessed to share with you the outcomes.

The impact of your work is not pornography, but i believe art, an art form based upon real issues.

you are an inspiration to us all. You can liberate us. 

Thank you, so much 

Very best