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Raymond Dempsey:

A. S. Neill is thrilling as an educator and as somebody who champions sexuality, sometimes against an onslaught.

It was required reading at a teacher's college which I attended; and the educational establishment (including a greatly experienced reporter to The New York Times) did cartwheels when it appeared. Like your voice, his voice was a voice "in the wilderness" sometimes, too.

Because of its acceptance by the educational establishment in America, I hope that you purchase the American edition of his special book (because it includes great testimonies and acclaim by American educators). His book sparked the "free school movement" throughout the world; and it became a springboard for further consideration and discussion. A. S. Neill wrote and lived in England.

He greatly loved his dear friend, Wilhelm Reich; and he felt that Dr Reich got an unfair treatment by the legal system here in America.

With appreciation for you,

Your correspondent,