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Women directors struggle as men 'eat all the cake' in movie world

  • Cannes jury head Jane Campion -- the only woman ever to win the festival's top prize -- has blamed the lack of female movie makers on "inherent sexism" in an industry increasingly under fire for the paucity of women in its top ranks. 

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The audience we strive for are the people that get subtlety.

All those little things in the films are the result of Max's cinematographic eye.

He is the master of seeing the things that most people miss. He captures them, and then he points them out to me. I never even know that they are there until he does.

Little things communicate so much, if you choose to see them. 

The look of an eye.

The timing of a blink.

The movement of a finger.

It can be a single strain of hair.

A single word.

Or how that word is used.

Where it is placed.

The space around the word.

The negative space that is created.

Every single word has to justify itself, has to earn it's position, has to be the best word, has to be the right word. It is the same for every single frame.

I know it sounds egotistical, but every frame, every second, every note is there because I want it to be, because it contributes. I will never allow anything to just 'be'.

Hopefully there is never anything flabby, wasted, useless, indulgent, self important or mentally loud.

Max and I practise restraint, because so many film makers don't. And we want to be different. We want to be original. We want to be the very very best at the small things that we do.

That sounds very heavy, but we also want to have fun, enjoy ourselves, and entertain ourselves.

And it must be original.

It must never be a cliche, or what is expected.

We must zag when people expect us to zig. We must confound people and frustrate them by never making it easy with visual cliches or words. We must challenge peoples thinking, of what is, of what can be.

If you know the writing of Charles Bukowski, you will know what I mean.

Small words. Precise words. And visuals that tell big stories. Big in the sense that they are universal to every human being. If they are interested.

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These are our goals, our reason for doing and being.

We don't always succeed, but it is what we aim for.

We are not perfect, but we strive for perfection, no matter how small the detail.

Because the biggest simplest idea is made up of many small details. If you don't look after the small details, the big idea will be muddy.

And I've never really liked mud, or the colour brown, cause it's what you get when you mix more than 5 colours together.

Brown is not a precise colour.

Oh my god, how philosophical am I getting over the colour brown?

It's a colour girl, get over it

If you have read this, thank you for being interested in the thinking behind the films

If you have read this, we think of you when we make the films

We have our eyes on you.

Sort of like the NSA.

Without the metadata collection


Below are a collection of people who I draw my inspiration from. I celebrate them as giants of their fields, and acknowledge the influence of their trail blazing. I stand on the shoulders of giants

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