Your work is sexy and intelligent at the same time, and that is hard to accomplish
— Robert Arteca/New York

 Why 250 films? Random number or has some meaning?

We figured there were 200 things to cover, and allowed ourselves another 50 to be able to freestyle creatively

What job would you be doing if you didn't choose your current job? 

I would be a cognitive pysychiatrist in a maximum security prison studying serial killers. Weird people and weird stuff interest me. I like to figure out how people work, because I can't figure out how I work. But I think I have a lot of the traits that a serial killer has. Lack of remorse. Anti-social behaviour. Focus. Discipline. Cleanliness. Compulsive tendencies. Repressed anger. Mentioning the phrases 'dark traveller' and 'doppelganger' in sentences a lot. 

What do you do for a real job?

I'm a film maker

Where will you be in 10 years:

I want to have better used the talents that the universe gave me, and be better at what I do. 

What are you worried about .

World Peace, the Middle East, the holes in String Theory, whether I'm good enough and the small toe on my right foot

Who is your favourite author? 

"From the deceptiveness of Penelope Fitzgerald to the directness of Hemingway, from Kipling's view of France to the French view of Kipling, from the many translations of Madame Bovary to the fabulations of Ford Madox Ford, from the National Treasure Status of George Orwell to the despair of Michel Houellebecq" - I don't have any one in particular. I read everyone. Even the really bad ones. If I don't like a book, I'll still finish it. I can't leave a book unread, but I can leave everything else in my life unfinished.  

What book are you reading right now? :

The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of a Serial Killer. This may be the most revealing look at serial killers ever recorded and the most illuminating study of the dark places of the human mind ever attempted.

What is your favourite movie?

"Requiem for a Dream". The cinematography is amazing. After that "The Town". For the script and the editing. "Moneyball" because I love probability theory, and after reading the book, I never thought it could be a good film. It's a great film, and Brad Pitt is amazing in such a unBrad Pit role.

What's your favourite saying? 

If in doubt, leave it out.  Very useful when editing. Also, when to going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

What makes you horny? 

A bit of sun to the vagina

What type of undies do you actually like to wear and why. This is to understand women a bit, thongs don't seem comfortable to me, but want to stop you saying none as an answer hence the wording? 

I'm not sticking a piece of elastic between my arse cheeks all day for anyone. Don't even get me started on high heels. 

What is the weirdest proposition you've had. 

Let me fuck you and I'll come so hard that semen will shoot out your nose.  

What is the best advice you've ever got from someone? 

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad

What was the first video you ever did?

A five minute film of a friends visit to temples in Thailand. I had no idea what I was doing, but it looked ok in the end.

What do you call friends? 

Homeboy. Sometimes honey. But hookers use that word too much, so I try to avoid it. 

What's your favourite song? 

Any song that I still want to listen to after hearing it 500 times when I'm editing a video.  I'm a fan of deep deep house. The sort of stuff you hear in a club at 4am. My favourite music compilations are Hotel Costes and Buddha Bar. I've been lucky enough to have dinner at each in Paris. Buddha Bar is a tourist trap now. But Hotel Costes will part your hair it's so phat, phunky & phreaky. A lot of cocaine gets consumed in that place.

Why are you anonymous?

I have too much to lose if people in my industry knew I was doing this. Unfortunately this project doesn't pay the bills, and I need my career. Also, I couldn't reveal what I want to reveal about myself if I had to answer to everyone I knew. I would dilute the art by insulating myself.

Have you worked overseas? 

I've worked all over the world. I have been fortunate to have travelled a lot

Where do you learn to remix? 

I used to be a DJ a long time ago. Music is my boyfriend, but film is my bitch. 

Are you angry? 

No, I'm just tired. And when I'm not, I'm probably the most sarcastic person in the world.

What is the worst thing someone has ever called you? 

Boring.  And fatso. I was a pretty shy and rotund kid.

At school, what were you good at? 

Debating. Ancient History. Art. Maths.  I used to just sit in the library and read.

What is your favourite remix? 

Dandy Warhols vs Mousse T. Horny as a Dandy by Loo & Placido. I have no idea how someone thought those two songs could go together. I would never have thought of that, so that's why I love it. I know it's technically a mashup, not a remix. But it's the most creative piece of producing I can remember listening to. 

What is the best compliment you have been paid about your videos? 

I would watch your videos with my eyeballs on fire.  I think that was a compliment.

What do you say to people when you first meet them? 

Trust me, as you get to know me, I just get weirder.

How would you like people to describe your erotica? 

It's not for old blokes in hats and raincoats.

What is the most unusual description of your erotica that you've heard? 

It's sexual pilates on crack

How would you describe yourself? 


What's the sexiest thing in the world? 

Numbers. And words. And intelligence. And womens bodies. 

What's the funniest joke you've heard? 

My boyfriend asked me how much I loved him. I said "From here". He didn't get it. Two years later we broke up and I sent him a note that read "to here".

Who is your favourite remix producer?

Maya Jane Coles. That girl's remixes are insane.

Who is your favourite comedian? 

Kenny Fuckin' Powers. I'm fuckin in and you're fuckin out. I like stupid things. 

Your favourie piece of clothing? 

I have a thing for 2nd hand cowboy boots I find in thrift stores in Paris.   

What is your bra size? 

36C. I have nothing smart arse to say about that. It is what it is.

What do you think about porn? 

For me it's not about destroying porn, it's just about creating something better, to give people some options. I think intelligent people aren't well served with present porn. They have better taste. I just want to give them something that tastes better, and looks prettier, and smells nicer.

When a girl gets her pussy licked, and she moves away, is that a bad thing?. Should I chase her down?

Of course. If she moves away, you should chase her down like a bag snatcher. More. More. More is what she is saying every inch she moves away. No, you should not chase her down.

You're making an effort to change porn, what if you succeed and millions of both men and women thank you for showing people sex is meant to be sexual - how will you feel?

If this is what I am known for. I would feel very humble. Then I would smile and think that it has been a good life.  And that I have been lucky to meet the people I have met, and to have lived the life I have.

What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?

My vagina. That if there was ever a Miss World Best Virgina contest that I would win it. Really, I have no idea how you would judge such a contest. Personally, I'm not sure I'd even want to be known for that, even if I did understand the judging criteria. But beggars can't be choosers.

What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?

That I have a rape fantasy that's pretty up there on my sexual top of the pop's. No I don't want to be raped. I have a rape fantasy. They are two very different things.

When have you been most embarrassed sexually?

When I make a move and it isn't responded to. I fixed that now. I don't do anything, so all the pressure is off

What is your favorite thing sexually to be done to you?

Having my nipples played with. It makes me want to have sex immediately

What is your favorite sexual act to do to someone else?

Give myself to someone and say ' knock yourself out homeboy, do whatever you want'. Charity is my favourite act

When do you feel most sexually exposed?

Is this a trick question? 

What are you doing for work right now?

Making films

Do you not miss your husband?

We work together everyday

Do you have sex with others or is it just the idea of being watched and idolised you like?

No, I'm happily married, and I believe in the concept of marriage. But my purpose is not to sleep around, my purpose is to unleash mens imaginations that have been deadened by porn. I love mens imaginations, and when men think. It turns me on. Men who can think creatively are sexy. I can be everyone, or anyone, and do anything in a man's very powerful creative imagination. I am simply the spark to the fire of their sexual intelligence. Or I'm just a boobie flasher. One of those two. Erring towards the last

Where do you stand on a foot fetish? Like dislike don't many people ask to see yours do you like it when they ask that? Do you have a foot fetish and what does it do to you if so? If not do you get it and how is it sexual to you? 

I wouldn't say it was a fetish, more a curiousity. I know people who are really passionate about feet. And that passion sort of awakened me to their sexual potential . Feet can look really bad, or really beautiful, so my interest is more a curiosity in figuring out how I can make feet sexy. It's hard, because I was always really self concious about my feet.

You mentioned a rape fantasy. You are not the first female I have seen say this, what about it appeals or appealed to you? 

God, this is so complex and multi-faceted, and requires so much explanation. Firstly, my concern is that I don't, in anyway shape or form, be wanting people to think I condone the concept of rape. It is a tricky one. How can you fantasize about something you find repulsive. I think it is despicable, and what's worse, weak. It's is the strong preying on weak, and that's pathetic. I admire strength, but that is not strength. Secondly, I do not speak for any other woman. I have not read widely on this, and have no idea why rape fantasies are so popular with women, or understand the motivations. All I understand are my motivations. Do I want to be raped?. Absolutely not. This is about fantasy, not reality. I have had heaps of guys say they could arrange this if I tell them where I am. These are the people I don't want to encourage, in fact I have no further contact with them. I actually do worry about some of those people. In my fantasy, what does rape represent?. It represents not having to do anything, not having to be responsible for anything, to have no one relying on you, having no deadlines, or anything else to think about. This represents a fantasy happy place because I had to grow up way too fast, with too many responsibilties and too many people relying on me. So what I created was a fantasy where all those things that I hated were, for the length of that fantasy, taken away. It is actually not about the sex at all, it is about creating a feeling of shedding repressed anger & frustration and replacing it with nothingness.

Your work is good, but you can only go so far by making montage or a few video collages of yourself into a film. How do you plan to progress further?

I plan to get better every time. I'll let you know how it's going around no. 249. I would like to look at my track record rather than any empty words I might able to offer. Besides, anything will change tomorrow. It always does.

I have a question for you, I love to be naked in public too, and often am lying at kirra, miami or some beach on Northern NSW nude, and I generally find its not an issue, I love it when cute girls look or dare each other to talk to me etc, but how do you handle the risk involved. I find myself looking over my shoulder alot for the men in blue driving past in their beach buggy, have you ever been caught by authority?

Not caught, but twice nearly. Very very close each time

People have also asked questions about Max. So, here are Max's answers

What music does he like? 

He likes everything that is good, great or truly fuck-off in its nature. He dislikes Justin Bieber and/but has a fondness for 90's hardcore techno. 

Fave book? 

You were assuming he could read. You were right. He can. He likes Australian Crime as a genre but reads widely as long as its non-fiction. Fave book 'How to build a home out of Bamboo'. Because he wants to build a home out of bamboo. He is unique.

What are his politics? 

He is disappointed with the current political discourse, but leans left on most issues. He hopes Richard Brand becomes the King