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Introducing EstudioCima

Lucie Makes Porn Video Galleries

A hot call

Description: Horny Danae loves phonesex, every time she gets down to business she just gets naughty and wants to try her sexy lesbian friends.

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Anal Stimulation And Milk

Description: Victoria is feeling horny at home and sluttier than ever, today she decides to go a little further. With toys she fucks her pussy and ass, filling her self with milk, getting wet and squirting it out again until exhausted.

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First Lesbian Chapter

Description: This is the First chapter of the new lesbian series, produced by Estudios Cima and Liv3Show, directed by and starring Victoria Blonde. In this installment, Victoria prepares a small dinner and hires the sexy singer Anita ... What will end up happening?

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Spied on and fucked

Description: Victoria spies on Brenda, getting horny, she wants to fuck the gorgeous blonde. Victoria doesn´t realise that Brenda is also attracted to her. Victoria takes the first step and ends up doing what they both want, cumming together nonstop.

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Webcam Sex

Description: As she does on most nights, Victoria turns on her webcam and starts to broadcast herself. She tells her friends to connect and watch her so that they can play a little together. The horny Victoria loves to expose herself to the men.

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Vicky holidays

Description: In the second chapter of the lesbian series " Vicky Holidays " produced by Estudios Cima and Liv3Show, directed by and starring Victoria Blonde. In this instalment, we will see what happened one week before the meeting between Anita , Victoria and Yura 1st chapter, as always, with a great deal of curiosity and sex.

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Sabrina and Ivan

Description: New chapter of Recxxx , Ivan is very anxious to see Sabrina´s gorgeous tits again. This time he doesn´t waste any time and goes straight for it!

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The Awakening

Description: Naomi sleeps peacefully while Danae prepares breakfast ... but what you really want is a good early-morning fucking. Lots of sex in the first rays of sunlight.

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Pool Sex

Description: Sabrina and Ivan spend a hot day in the pool, a lot of heat must have got them horny as they fucked in every corner of the house.

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Milf Loves To Please

Description: A weekend in a rural house may seem boring ... but if the visitors are Victoria and Naomi then you can expect a lot of sex in front if the roaring fire...

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Lesbian night in an hotel

Description: Danae and Victoria travel to Barcelona for a few days with the chance to fuck nonstop. The two are hot when they arrive back from touring the city and have a shower .... A good fuck before sleeping always feels good.

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Lesbian Beach Sex

Description: When two girls get so hot with each other... there can only be sparks! Ana Marco and Victoria are on the beach, naked and fucking in the open!

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