On identity

Missy Jubilee

You know that Eminem song from 8 mile that goes - if you had one shot, one chance, what would you do? (not sure they are the exact words since memorising Eminem lyrics is not one of my strong points) - well, I've taken a year off from my real job. I thought I could do both, but nay. Sometimes you got to move all your chips into the center of the table and go all in (I know very little about poker apart from moving chips to the center of the table). So I'm a little more relaxed about my identity, and besides, I stand behind the work we are doing. If anyone in the industry has a problem with it, poo to them (although I know quite a few will. 'Porn' is the red headed step-child of film - nothing against red headed step-children). Nothing more dangerous than a closed mind.

Optical Alkemi: 

  • Well I guess it is all a matter of interpretation, as I don't see your work as 'Porn' and anyone that does needs their head read.

    You have story... and I don't see you being rammed etc.  And I don't imagine we will be seeing anything like that in Miss Jubilee

    A documentary on you would be fascinating., but at the same time the secrecy and unknown is what keeps it dynamic.

    Also commented that can only imagine the types of emails you must receive, from haters as well as explicit sexual ones from men.

    Missy Jubilee

  • Hooley dooley, you have no idea............one day I'll publish a book of all the off message communications I have got. It will curl your ears. This is my favourite from last week, not because of it's crudeness, but because of it's ridiculousness -

    "I would be available to fuck you, but I've lost my license, so if you were able to pick me up from Bankstown, we could make this happen".

    Of course we could.

    #ya ya yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (seriously, I'm going to make that a hashtag)