On dying in a reckless manner

  • What would you do if you weren't afraid? 

    Jason Patrick Lambert 

    1.Feel free.
    2.Like I had a lobotomy. 
    3.Probably die recklessly early.

    Missy Jubilee How would you die recklessly early?. Truck drag racing or some such thing?  x

  • Jason Patrick Lambert Cant say really... I'm too afraid of the possibilities

  • Missy Jubilee Can't really say how would would die recklessly?. How mysterious........ I was told once that there are only three acceptable ways for a man to die in a manly way - gunshot wound, knife attack or being mauled by a Lion. Parachuting out of a stricken F22 - without a parachute came in 4th apparently, due to stupidity entering the equation.  x

  • Jason Patrick Lambert That was a poor attempt at humour.

  • I like number 4 ... once you got over the screaming you have a least the time to update your Facebook profile.

    Jason Patrick Lambert Motorsport both tarmac and dirt would thrill me to peices. 

  • The skydiving glider suit looks a blast.
    Rock Climbing to a summit then parashutting off it ... or use the glidersuit.

    Missy Jubilee This is very true. Priorities must play a part in the planning of recklessness. No good being reckless if no-one knows/likes/shares your recklessness. If a tree falls recklessly in a forest, and no-one posts a photo and shares it, did it really fall? Of course it didn't. What a stoopid question. In the words of Skinny Pete - it's science bitch. Look it up  x

  • Roxanne Cavalieri Not being afraid of anything is sometimes scary in itself.......

  • Missy Jubilee I take offense at your assertion that I made a poor attempt at humour. Please get it right. It was a piss poor attempt. Words are important.  x

  • Jason Patrick Lambert Ha! I was speaking about myself Missy.

  • Missy Jubilee Hello Roxanne, I was beginning to think you were a non-talking robot avatar. Welcome sweetheart. Jason. Roxanne. Roxanne. Jason  x

  • Jason Patrick Lambert Hi rocken Roxy

  • Missy Jubilee Roxanne is blessed with prettiness  x

    Missy Jubilee  I think we scared her off x

     Roxanne Cavalieri Ha! No I am REAL, although an Avatar would be cool. Hi Missy, Hi Jason x

  • Missy Jubilee Nope there she is 

  • Jason Patrick Lambert You spoke too soon....

    Roxanne Cavalieri Too kind..... My iPhone is blessed with some great filters too!!

  • Missy Jubilee Log out now Roxanne. Nothing good can happen when you're in the middle of Jason/Missy stupidity  x

  • Roxanne Cavalieri Ha ha...... Ok, thanks for the warning!