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Jesse Louis

i wonder what you shoot with and what those light filters and tricks are that you use...

no need to share your secrets.

ALSO: you might enjoy listening to the music on kcrw.com. it's one of our local public radio stations in LA. you can listen to the stream.

a song that i heard this morning reminded me of your films -
"don't stop the dance" by bryan ferry (todd terje remix)

ch-ch-check it


Jesse, firstly, apologies for taking so long to get back to you. The inbox is a little backed up at the moment, but I do answer every communication. Eventually :)

Secondly, thank you for your kind compliment, and thank you for seeing the subtlety and technical aspects of the films - which 80% of people miss.

With regard to the light filters and 'tricks' (I prefer the word techniques, but that sounds very pompous - so I'll go with tricks :) ) my husband is quite a well known cinematographer, so he has a BIG bag of tricks. If there is any particular effect you're curious about, please let me know, and I can get Max to break it down for you so you can practice it. It's all pretty simple once you know how to do it, and nothing we do is rocket science - it's just knowing the cameras we use back to front technically and knowing what they can do when pushed beyond their factory limits.

With regard to KCRW - big big fan. Listen to their podcasts all the time while editing, and get a lot of very cool new music from them. You have good taste!

And yes I love that remix of Mr Ferry's classic.

Missy x