On demons

'Just get over it' always seems like the easiest and most practical advice, but also possibly the most impossible to action when something is so ingrained in your psyche.

I can't see my demons faces, but with each film, their presence is more keenly felt, and with each film, their power over me lessens.

I have found a way, after many years of searching, of at least living with my demons without them tearing me apart from the inside. And this is why I do these films. Not for any concept of fame or adulation, but as a way of surviving this life that happened to me.

It is this or insanity. And I choose this

This will be addressed in a coming video. My grandmother was lobotomised when she was 40, and died in an insane asylum. These films are my desperate attempt to free myself from these demons before society decides to do it for me, in a way I may not be happy with.