As a writer, I'm always honing my skills.

Trying to be original in sentence construction and ideas around wording, the negative spaces created, and timing.

The place I practice most is in correspondence with people who have been friends of this project almost from the beginning. There is a free flow of ideas, humour, good natured ribbing and intellectual stimulation.

My contribution is really only general stoopidity masquerading as home workbook for a writer. But they help me out by letting me treat them like script guinea pigs. Trying out my stoopid jokes on them.

Here are what I think are so of the better ones. They're supposed to be funny. Just in case you were wondering





2 things for you cause I couldn't think of three

1. I didn't think you were lecturing me. I am worried that the power of my sarcasm to communicate is on the wane. It may have seen its best days

2. Yes. When you fill out the form to become an artist. The last tick box says Self Loathing. How much?. 1. Lots. 2. Eleventybillion. 3. Bigger than Alpha Centauri. It is assumed it exists in major amounts in your DNA.

3. I did think of another one. I feel complete now. You have to suffer smog. I have to suffer self loathing. They both start with S. Co-incidence?. I think not. Because Tuesday also has an S in it. And today you gave me $, which is an S with a walking stick. Huh?. Huh? Spooky huh. Damn right its spooky

My case is rested smugly

p.s. I should archive all this stoopidity for a book of stoopidity. You can be infamous for a whole other thing.