Breakdancing and Fine Art with Rostarr

Romon Kimin Yang, aka Rostarr, is a painter, calligrapher, and filmmaker living and working in Brooklyn. He spent much of his early career focusing on painting and graphic design, blurring the lines between the two. For the past 15 years he has been more widely known for his abstract polymorphic paintings, sculptures, and black and white calligraphic drawings. Rostarr pushes all boundaries in his work, always striving to find freedom within style, medium, and form. He builds upon the visual language he calls "Graphysics," a word that exemplifies the geometric dynamism characteristic in his work. VICE recently met up with him in Mexico City as he prepared for his most recent solo show, Turbo Arena, at Anonymous Gallery. We sat down with him to discuss his style, techniques, and approach to art-making.