My belief has always been, to fully appreciate an artist's work, you have to be able to get inside their head, and see their art the way they see it. If you can do that, you'll get the true message the artist is trying to send. Sometimes that message can be a celebration of life, but other times it can be a cry for help. I'm hoping your art turns out to swing closer to the former than he latter.


Or a celebration of crying through life. Which would be manic depression.

Or crying for a life of celebration. Which sounds a lot like alcoholism.

Or maybe just a swing and a Miss. E. Which would indicate eye/hand co-ordination issues and therefore a career in major league baseball is not an option.

And it seems that fairy tale endings seem to only exist in fairytales.

This, and the generic sex appeal of Fabio, seems to escape most of us romantics, which causes us to not understand that karma biting us on the arse at fairly regular intervals is a pattern, and not a black swan, 1 in a 1 million, outlier event.