Babe 360




Your last video H.2.OH.NO - it blew my mind from many aspects.

Now this is from my personal angle here....:
* visually - the colors you used are exactly what i find pleasing and strive for in my pictures and Videos..
* The messages the words that come up , the timing is perfect and the way you present them had my wheels spinning so many things where going on in my head..have you remorse..born under the sign of PAIN..
**Very powerful transition it took me to another level of thinking when you put it on turbo and then said this ..shit is about to get real,, then you really where in my HEAD...
Honestly, just when i was thinking Who is if you read my mind the screen pops up and says someone asked me who are you?

Just to give you a visual of what was going on in my head besides the sensual aspect..i could see most of the model s/ friends close to my inner circle..the whole dialogue of your video, is the type of shit we talk about during my shoots, - fun time!

I tell you what i tell them..i love your crazy..It makes me feel normal :)

Ah and almost forgot the choice of MUSIC was spectacular!

Best, Gus


Gus, you are much too kind. Thank you. I must say I am a fan of your colours, from the first time I looked at your work, before I was banned the first time. I wonder if that rubbed of on me sub-conciously?. If it has, I am happy it has. It brings a depth to the work. Gus, for your words, I can only say I am a midget standing beside a creative giant. If you like my work as you generously stated, I am pleased, for you like it deeply, and that shows you are reading between the lines, where half the story is hidden. Trust your instincts going forward. I think they will be right. :) x