Do guns and weed mix?


The last thing any of us expected were gunshots. We actually weren't even there--we'd just left. After checking out the vibe around Denver's Civic Center Park, site of this year's massive 4/20 rally, we bounced to a nearby boutique medical cannabis dispensary and grow house to continue shooting for Motherboard's upcoming documentary on the coming Silicon Valley of Weed. About an hour later, a patient rushed in. Visibly shaken, he bore some grim news: There'd been a shooting at the rally, which he'd ran from.

You'd be hardpressed to say details were even starting to trickle in at this point. With a crunch on bandwidth throughout pretty much all of Denver, they weren't. How many people were shot? Was anyone dead? Was anyone injured? How many shots were fired? Who shot? And why? Why the fuck, why?

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