Dear Missy,
I am thrilled to have cum across your website after casually browsing vimeo!!! Your sexuality expressed on screen is so well done and so realistic.

Although you like to think you are a slut, I'm not too sure you really are.  I once agreed with your definition of a slut being a woman who thinks like a man but now, having been with a true slut, I think it is merely a liberated woman, something society struggles with.

I have experienced in true life a woman so similar to the one you describe yourself as, same age, similar thinking but with tragic circumstances in her life that led to her being seriously fucked in the head.
The time spent with her on beaches, in forests, her house were truly erotic, sensual but she was not there - her mind forever busy with calculating.
Any fantasy I had, she would try to bring to reality and so your site resonates strongly with me.

You should know that there is nothing wrong with you except confusion in the mind, the same confusion infecting all young people in a world of delusions.

Keep writing, knowing that you are not alone in your body, fantasies or experiences.  I have lived them and loved them.  Girls like you make life worth living.  You are a lucky girl to have what you have.

Thank you for sharing.